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 Telegram BotsTelegram bot works like an artificially intelligent robot. We give him a command and he obeys. This means whatever we command to him, he will work as if we send a command to send a file, then Telegram bot will send that file automatically, we will not need to select the whole file. Like he has a different Telegram bot for all the work. There is also a separate Telegram bot available for security in the group. And there is also a separate bot for uploading files.

Today we will learn to make one Telegram bot. This bot will be of an affiliate short link. Meaning that you can generate short links from this bot. Affiliate with which you can earn money. As you know, Telegram is becoming very popular nowadays, so you should also learn to do it. If you know tomorrow it will become even more popular than today I will teach you to make your own Telegram bot which is very easy.

What Is Url Shortner Telegram Bot

A URL shortener is a service and tool with the help of which you can shorten a long web URL that looks very nice and clickable in appearance.

What Is Gplinks Url Shortner

Gplinks is a URL shortener website. Which gives us money by shortening the link. Meaning that we shorten the long URL from the site, then that site redirects to some verification page. Which the user gets the next URL by solving. which we shortened. There is some ADS show on the verification page of Guplinks. Whose revenue goes to the owner of Gplinks and some of them are going to shorten the links.

How To Create Account In GpLinks Link Shortner

Step 1: First you Goto GPlinks Official Site Click Here
Step 2: Now Click Sign Up Now Button
Step 3: you can fill the form or you can sign in with Google to create an account.
Now Done

What Is Gplinks Url Shortner Telegram Bot

The gplinks dashboard is not difficult to do but it is very loading like you have to login to shorten a link then open the link shortener and after pasting the link in the last you will get a link. If we say that you can shorten the link without opening the gplinks website? Yes, it's possible. This can be done with the help of the Telegram bot. Just send the link which you want to shorten. And in return, you will get the link. Telegram bot is very easy to do it
Gplinks URL shortener Telegram Bot is a bot that shortens URLs with the help of gplinks API. The Gplinks API is a tool created for a specific developer. So that without going to the website, you can access your account anywhere, through API token.

How to Create Gplinks Url Shortner Telegram Bot

Step 1: First You Need Telegram Bot Token
Step 2: Connect Your Bot To BotsBusiness
Step 3: Add Below Command In Bots Business
Command Name: /start
BJS Code:
var button = [[{title:"📚 BJS Code",url:""},{title:"🎬 Tutorial",url:""}],
[{title:"❤️ Share",url:" joinn@PR_bots_updaten"},{title:"🛡 Official Channel",url:""}],
[{title:"🔗 Short Link",command:"Short Link"}]]
Bot.sendInlineKeyboard(button , "🤖 Bot Name   :- Link Shortner nn〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️n✏️ Description :- Free  URL Shortener bot with many features that gives you better quality for links shortening. Shortened URLs will never expire. We do not display ads during direct redirecting to the original urn〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️")
Command Name: /setup

📍 Enter Your Api Token You Goted From [Gplinks Url Shortner](

✅ Example = `38b864ce37794205a7b2999e7206287e4b80b703`

⚠️ Note = You Dont Have A Api Token Key. You Simply Click On Generate Api Token Key

[Generate Api Token](

Wait For Answer: True
BJS Code

var token = User.getProperty("token")
var token = User.setProperty("token", message, "string")
Bot.sendMessage("*✅ Your Api Token Key Set To "+message+"*")

Command Name: /token
BJS Code

var token = User.getProperty("token")

Bot.sendMessage("*✅ Your Api Token Key  n"+token+"*")

Command Name: /onDone
BJS Code

let text = "*Seems, You Not Enter Correct URLnEnter Correct Url nExample🔗:*"

Command Name: /onError
BJS Code

let text = "*Seems, You Not Enter Correct URLnEnter Correct Url nExample🔗:*"
BJS Code
Command Name: Short Link
Answer: *Send Your Link U Want To Short.*
Keyboard: Short Link
Wait For Answer: True
BJS Code

var token = User.getProperty("token")
if( token == undefined ){
Bot.sendMessage("❌ Token Not Set setup now /setup")
let link = message
HTTP.get( {
    url: ""+token+"&url="+message+"&format=text",
    success: '/onDone',
    error: '/onError'} )
let shortlink = User.getProperty("link")

Bot.sendMessage("*Your Shorted Link🔗*nn`"+shortlink+"`")

How To Use Gplinks Url Shortner Telegram Bot

How to Work Glinks Link Shortner Telegram Bots Steps Below
Step 1: Open Telegram App And Start Gplinks Url Shortner Bot
Step 2:  After Start Run /setup Command (Easily Send /setup Text)
Step 3: Telegram Bot Asking Gplinks Api Token Also Find Here Get Api Token Click Here
Step 4: Then Done. Click on Button keyboard, Short Link
Step 5: Send Your Link You want to Short
Step 6: Get Your Shorted Url

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